Daimler Truck’s Daum on a darkening economy

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The amount of trucks of Daimler that were sold for North America for first quarter in this year had grown about forty seven percent to almost 33k trucks, says preliminary figures that were revealed from the auto maker from Germany in the next month. Still Martin Daum, head of this firm’s Port land based truck division of North America has now become pretty wary of market.

He said that the economy looks like it is growing darker and taking from the optimistic a couple of weeks ago, to the cautiously optimistic of today. Daum is the CEO at Swan Island based North America Daimler Trucks had headlined Portland Business Journal’s event of Power Breakfast on Thursday morning for about 325 people.

This wariness might be sign of perils in coming months for national economy. Trucking industry is viewed often as bellwether for financial health of the nation. Great demand for the heavy duty trucks implies that there is goods bounty which really needs some transport. Opposite might meant that economy is getting slowed down.

Daimler Trucks Daum on a darkening economyIn spite of wariness of Daum, market for past year returned for the Daimler Trucks. The sales of the Daimler Trucks by the unit had grown by forty nine percent for North America in the year 2011 reaching almost 114,000 trucks. For US alone, the sales went up by fifty five percent. This prompted spree of hiring at Portland. For the month of October, this company had announced plans for adding about 425 positions and 350 of them in the plant of manufacturing. For March, it had said that they’d be adding 33 more of white collar jobs for their headquarters.

Couple of years ago, Daimler was going to close the plant of Swan Island where Western Star brand of truck is manufactured. Future of the headquarters too was precarious. Daum had repeated the brief on Thursday that this company didn’t have any reason for relocating the head quarters. Doing this will diminish knowledge base of this company and the employees which have made this move will get disgruntled.

Daum says that the risk isn’t that big. Case for Swan Island plant of manufacturing is really hard for making. In one statement he has used before, Daum said that the truck manufacturer is now looking for building new plant and will never locate it at Washington or Oregon as it is a bit too far from East Coast base of customer of Daimler.

Manufacturing trucks Portland, he says, put in about $4,000 in terms of logistics costs. According to Daum, he had challenged the plant as being most efficient one in division of Daimler Trucks. He says that operation of Swan Island has a pretty good chance of winning company wide award of efficiency for this year. This is effort, he says, is really necessary for keeping Portland plant.

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