Auto sales likely to slow down in June

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Increasing concern regarding this economy appears to take toll on the sales of automobile in United States, prompting the analysts for dialing down the projections for the sales of June. However, the new car & truck sales still are expected to get above the tally of last year for this month & most are expecting that sales will rebound for continuing. The sales figures for the month of June will come out soon.

Jesse Toprak, the vice president at market intelligence for an automotive research site said that uncertainty in financial markets have brought the rates of selling below 14 million of units for second month in one row. However, sales results of first half for this year indicate relatively healthy industry of car; perhaps brightest spot in otherwise struggling U.S.A. economy. They are expecting second half of the year 2012 for averaging about 14.5 million of units, and this will take them to more than 15 million new automobiles that are sold in the year 2013.

It is expected that the sales of new light vehicles in USA will to about 1.2 million units in the month of June. This will translate in to 18.1% increase from the time of June 2011, but 6.9% decline from the time of May 2012. Toprak is estimating seasonally annualized adjusted rate of selling for coming in @ 13.6 million units in the month of June – down from the figure of last month’s of about 13.8 million, but going up sharply from 11.5 million that was recorded in time of June 2011.

Auto sales likely to slow down in June
One more automotive site of research, is expecting about 1.3 million of new cars for being sold in the month of June, which is 20.7 percent rise from the time of June 2011, but 4.7 percent less from the time of May 2012. It is said that the sales had continued at healthy pace for estimated adjusted seasonally annual rate of about 13.9 million light automobiles.

It is said that while the 13.9 SAAR isn’t really not as impressive as performance for first quarter in this year, but results for this month are still going really strong, considering that the deferred demand after earthquake of last year’s has dried up virtually. However, healthiest sign in the industry is pure sales volume. June will be 3rd biggest highest-selling month since the time of May 2008.

Mark Fields, the  President at Ford Motor Co. of Americas said that “mixed” economy will be keeping the auto sales pace of June in consistent along with that of the month of May, with selling rate of June in high range of 13 million.

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